Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday wishes for Mother(mom)

Birthday wishes for mom: Mothers deserve the best birthday wishes from their children. Write the most touching message to wish your mom a Happy Birthday whether you are a preteen, teenager or a grown up adult. Reciprocate your mom’s never-ending love with a sweet greeting card or a warm text message. You can also make a collage of your childhood pictures and get it printed professionally if you really want to make your mom happy on her birthday. Do all these things and fuss over her. Make her feel like the luckiest mother in the world to have children who really care.

1) No one can love me more, no one can understand me better. No one can inspire me more, no one can hug me tighter. Happy birthday.

2) Today I have a proposal for you that on your birthday – you can scold me all you want. In return on my birthday, you can gift me all you want. Happy birthday mommy.

3) Unlimited, non-refundable and free, is the kind of love that exists between my mother and me. I love you mom. Happy birthday.

4) You are the one I look up to, stay true to and love coming back home to. Happy birthday mom.

5) If my life was a planet, my mom would be the one responsible not only for holding it together but also for spinning it around so that I would have generous dozes of sunlight’s warmth and the night’s peace. Happy birthday.

6) Thanks for always being my shadow. Thanks for your blessings which protect me wherever I go. Happy birthday to my wonderful mom.

7) Your pies, scones and tarts are too good to be true, but they are not even half as sweet as you. Happy birthday mom.

8) There is only one angel in this world who does not have wings – that is my mom. Happy birthday.

9) As a rebellious teen I hate doing ANYTHING with you but at the same I time deep down inside my heart I know that I can do NOTHING without the love of a mother like you. Happy birthday.

10) If I can grow up to become even a LITTLE of what you are, I will consider myself to have achieved a LOT. Happy birthday mom.

11) Today is my turn to say a prayer for my mother whose prayers have always been about the happiness of her children. Happy birthday.

12) Happy birthday to the woman who I never allow to touch any of my things but always ask when I can’t find some of my things.

13) Happy birthday to my mom – the person who makes our house a home.

14) A perfect mother is a woman who is exactly like my mom. Happy birthday.

15) Love may make some people’s world go round but my world is spun around by my mum. Happy birthday.

16) I believe in angels, I believe in superheroes. I believe in miracles, I believe in blessings. I believe in good luck, I believe in destiny. Because I find all these in my mom, who is my everything. Happy birthday.

17) You are the best mother ever, and like you there can be no other. Happy birthday mommy.

18) Your face is so beautiful and serene, an angel like you I have never seen. Happy birthday mother.

19) Without the guidance of a mom like you, to my own self I would have never been true. Thanks for being there for me mom. Happy birthday.

20) Party crackers, foam spray, cascarones and confetti, you are the best mother one could ever be. Happy birthday mommy.

21) May you always be happy and free of tears, I wish you all the joy of the world as your birthday nears. Have an awesome birthday.

22) You are my hero, my idol and my super woman. But above everything else you are a beautiful human. Happy birthday mom.

23) If motherhood had to be explained to someone without giving your example, it would be a worthless definition. Happy birthday mom.

24) Without you, my world would have been so dull and blue. Happy birthday mother.

25) Thanks for making my life meaningful, worthy, real and livable. Happy birthday mom.

26) You have always been my inner strength and even though you did not intend, more than a parent you have always been my friend. Happy birthday mommy.

27) Because of you my childhood was unique and apart from your happiness there is nothing else that I seek. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.

28) You are the foundation which stands like the ground beneath my feet. With you around, life is always a jolly treat. Happy birthday to my mommy dearest.

29) On your birthday today it is time to chose, if you would like to put your feet up in a salon or go shopping to buy new shoes. Happy birthday mom.

30) Mom you are my hero, without you my life’s worth would have been zero. Happy birthday.


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